iTools for Windows 10


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Manage your iPhone, iPod or iPad device.

One of the biggest problems about Apple devices (iPod, iPad or iPhone) is that it is necessary to use iTunes to be able to manage their contents from a computer, which you can now avoid thanks to iTools.

Access all the data on your iPhone

By means of a very clear interface iTools offers its users a simple way to manage the contents of an iOS terminal, whether to uninstall an application, to move files between the terminal and the computer or even to create a backup of the data.

Another of the options offered by iTools is the possibility to access a general view in which it will be possible to quickly see all the data about a device, as well as identifying which contents are occupying more space on the memory.

Access the terminal's tree folder

iTools also allows you to access the devices file system to be able to view its tree shape, with the possibility to clearly identify where each piece of information is stored.

Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to iTunes to manage your iPhone or iPad, download iTools for free, it is the perfect solution.